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2 December 2021
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Ski resorts trail maps: Turkey

Davraz(Davras) Kayak Merkezi

Small ski centre located just 26km from Isparta (56km from Isparta"s Suleyman Demirel Airport). Davraz Ski Centre offers an extremely modern chairlift, carrying up to a thousand people per hour over a length of 1211 meters. Davraz Ski Centre with a peak of 2637 meters is a new attraction spot for alpinism lovers.
Ski resort piste map - Davraz(Davras) Kayak Merkezi  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Davraz(Davras)

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Erciyes ski centre situated eastern face of Mt. Erciyes Dagl, Tekir Yaylasi (plateau), 25 km from Kayseri. The altitude in the skiing area of Erciyes is 2200 -3100 m, there are 2 chairlifts and 2 T bars. This center has suitable conditions for summer skiing, ski touring and heli-skiing. The season is from November to May.
Ski resort piste map - Erciyes  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Erciyes


Kartalkaya ski resort situated on the Istanbul - Ankara highway 50 km from Bolu. The center is equipped with 3 chairlifts and 7 Tbars. The ski area lying between 1500 and 2500 m.
Ski resort piste map - Kartalkaya  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Kartalkaya


Palandoken ski centre is 6 km from Erzurum. Resort altitude 2200 - 3100 m. Lifts - 10, slopes 23, longest slope -12. Ski season from November to May.
Ski resort piste map - Palandoken  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Palandoken


Resort Saklikent situated north east of Bakirli dagi the Beydag mountain range, 50 km north west of Antalya. There are two ski-lifts, length - 740 and 840 m, height difference: 50 and 240 m. The season is from January to April.
Ski resort piste map - Saklikent  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Saklikent


Sarikamis ski center situated near Kars. The altitude in the skiing area of Sarikamis is 2200-2634 m. This ski resort is equipped with 2 chairlifts and 1 T bar and has 9 slopes. Ski season is from December to March.
Ski resort piste map - Sarikamis  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Sarikamis


Uludag ski resort located 36 km in south of Bursa. The ski area lies between 1800-2600 m. Vertical drop: 555m, height: 2322m, lifts: 22 (7 chairs), Cross-Country: 20 km. The best season is from December to April.
Ski resort piste map - Uludag  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Uludag