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2 December 2021
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Ski resorts trail maps: Sweden


Branas is located in northern Vermland, around 170 kilometres from Karlstad and around 10 kilometres from Syssleback. Distance from Gothenburg 390 km, distance from Stockholm 440 km. The slopes are long, there is a drop of 415 metres, and snow is guaranteed. The lift takes you up to the top in five minutes. You have a choice of 21 different slopes, longest 3 km.Highest situated slope 567 metres above sea level, number of lifts 8, cross country tracks 29 km.
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Ski resort map Branas

Ore (Are)

Ore is a ski area located in Ore Municipality, Jamtland, Sweden just outside and above the village of Are, approximately 80 km from the city of Ostersund. The Swedish ski resort of Are has direct access to 93km of downhill skiing, with 98 individual pistes(43% Expert and Advanced, 45% Intermediate Runs, 12% Beginner Runs), served by 44 ski lifts. 890m Max Vertical, 1270m Highest Lift, 380m Lowest Piste. Ore offers some good boarding and there is a Snow Park. 383km Cross Country Trails.
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Ski resort map Ore


Ski center located in Laplandia. Total Runs: 19 - 58% Expert and Advanced, 21% Intermediate Runs, 21% Beginner Runs. Total Lifts: 6.
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Ski resort map Riksgransen


Location of Storlien acts as an advantage for the ski resort. Just three kilometers away from Norway border, the resort can be reached via car, train or a bus. The nearest airport to Storlien is Trondheim and from there a direct train can be taken to the resort. The resort has a friendly atmosphere and offers a wide range of off-slope activities and facilities in addition to its ski pistes. Total Runs: 20 - 55% Expert and Advanced, 10% Intermediate Runs, 35% Beginner Runs. Total Lifts: 8.
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Ski resort map Storlien


Tarnaby located in the Lapland Mountain Range north in Sweden. The ski resort Tarnaby - Hemavan is known as snow-secure area that often has good skiing conditions quite early and late in the season. The 2 ski areas of Tarnaby and Hemavan offer a total of 11 ski lifts and 35 runs. The highest drop is 670 m, and the longest piste is 5 km long. There is also 31 km of prepared Nordic tracks, of which 10 km are flood-lit.
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Ski resort map Tarnaby-Hemavan


Ski area Vemdalen found in central Sweden, Vemdalen is about 120 km (75 mi) south of ?stersund, and 160 km (100 mi) south of the Ore ski resort. Vemdalen consists of the 3 skiing areas Bj?rnrike, Vemdalsskalet and Kl?vsj?/Storhogna. Vertical drop: 1,361 feet. Total Runs: 58, 41% Expert and Advanced, 21% Intermediate Runs, 38% Beginner Runs. Total Lifts: 30. 52 km cross-country trails.
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Ski resort map Vemdalen