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9 May 2021
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Ski resorts trail maps: Spain

Alto Campoo

Ski resort Alto Campoo is a small resort located in Cantabria, in Spanish Basque. It has 28 km of marked pistes, it"s one of the biggest resorts of the Cantabrian Mountains. The highest point is Cuchillon peak, 2250 m AMSL, with a vertical drop of 600 m. Many of the resort"s lifts are modern and of high capacity, the resort has: 5 chair lifts, 8 ski tows; 23 pistes of different difficulties: 4 beginners, 9 easy, 10 intermediate. Snowboarding Alto Campoo - There is a small snowpark at the El chivo chairlift with a number of high-jumps, and a beautiful flatbox and handrails.
Ski resort piste map - Alto Campoo  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Alto


Astun is located in the Pyrenees in the province Huesca. Nearest City Zaragoza. Astun is at an altitude of 1658 m with lifts going up to 2273 m. There are 13 lifts (6 Chairlifts, 6 Surface lifts and 1 Magic Carpet) and 48 pistes (3 green, 14 blue, 22 red, 9 black). Total length 40km.
Ski resort piste map - Astun  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Astun

Baqueira Beret

Baqueira Beret in the Catalan Pyrenees is Spain"s largest and most popular ski resort. It is located 200 km from Barcelona and 160 km from Toulouse in France. The resort, which takes its name from the neighbouring villages of Baqueira and Beret, offers good ski-ing for all abilities though intermediate skiers will find themselves most at home here. There are 86 kilometres of marked pistes consisting of four greens, 25 blues, 20 reds and four blacks. This purpose built resort offers skiing for all abilities including some of the most challenging black runs in the Pyrenees.
Ski resort piste map - Baqueira Beret  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Baqueira


The Cerler ski area is located in the Spanish Pyrenees. Cerler has about 65 kilometers of ski slopes. The resort has 52 kilometres of slopes consisting of eight green runs, 15 blues, 15 reds and seven blacks. There are 18 lifts capable of transporting 21,440 skiers per hour - four two-seater chair lifts, four four-seater lifts, one six-seater lift, seven drag lifts and two rope drags. There"s also a half-pipe for snowboarders and 25 kilometres of trails for cross-country skiers. The ski season lasts from December to April.
Ski resort piste map - Cerler  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Cerler


Formigal Ski area located in the Central Pyrenees of Spain. Resort Height - 1510m, Top Lift - 2200m, Lifts - 11 Chair/9 Drag/2 Magic Carpet, Beginners - 24, Intermediate - 30, Advanced - 39, Total Length of Pistes - 130km, Snow Cannons - Yes (370), Ski School - Yes, Creche - Yes, Snowboard - Yes, there are 2 parks.
Ski resort piste map - Formigal  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Formigal

La Pinilla

La Pinilla is a ski area situated near the town of Riaza (Segovia) in the Sierra de Ayll?n, 100 kilometres away from Madrid. It has 20 km of marked pistes. The highest point is the Pico del Lobo, 2273 m. Altitude of 1500 to 2273 meters (difference of 773 meters). La Pinilla has 189 artificial snow cannons. Ski lift - 9, Trails - 31, total 19 km, snow gardens for children.
Ski resort piste map - La Pinilla  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map La


Leitariegos in Spain is a very small ski resort with just three ski lifts (1 chair lifts, 2 surface lifts) but it does boast a respectable 420 metres (1378 feet) of vertical descent. Alt. 1410 - 1830 m. Leitariegos has acres of terrain over 7 pistes. Leitariegos is best suited to beginner skiers and snowboarders but there is some terrain for intermediates but little of interest for expert skiers. For snowboarders, there is a terrain park and a half pipe. The nearest airport is at Leon / Oviedo.
Ski resort piste map - Leitariegos  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Leitariegos


The ski resort of Panticosa is located in the centre of the Spanish Pyrenean Mountains in the region of Aragon. Panticosa lies close to the French border, sharing the Tena Valley with the livelier resort of Formigal. It"s 170 kilometres north of Zaragoza"s international airport and about 380 kilometres north west of the bigger airport at Barcelona. Panticosa is at an altitude of 1500 m with lifts going up to 2200 m. The ski resort extends into 2 Ski Areas: Valle de Sabocos y Petrosos. There are 16 lifts (1 Gondola, 6 Chairlifts, 4 Surface lifts and 5 Magic Carpets) and 41 pistes (7 green, 14 blue, 16 red, 4 black). For snowboarders there"s a special zone with virgin snow and no rocks or other hazardous obstacles. The ski season lasts from December to April.
Ski resort piste map - Panticosa  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Panticosa

Port Aine

"Opened in 1986, Port Aine is situated in the Pallars Sobira region of the Pyrene Pyrenees. Minimum altitude: 1.650 m, Maximum altitude: 2.440 m, Skiable vertical drop: 800 m, Skiable area: 32,5 km, Total number of slopes: 22, Green 7, Blue 2,Red 7, Black 6, Snow production: 90 canons, Km of snowy slopes: 12 km, Total number of ski lifts: 8, Chair lifts 3, Ski lifts 3."
Ski resort piste map - Port Aine  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Port

Siera Nevada

Sierra Nevada is located in Southern Spain close to the Mankind Heritage City of Granada. Sierra Nevada is at an altitude of 2100 m with lifts going up to 3282 m. The ski resort is divided in 6 ski areas: Veleta, Laguna de las Yeguas, Borreguiles, Loma D?lar, Parador y R?o. There are 30 lifts (2 Gondolas, 15 Chairlifts, 5 Surface lifts and 8 Magic Carpets) and 103 pistes (16 green, 35 blue, 43 red, 9 black). The combined skiing area is 94.8 km. Sierra Nevada also offers 1 Snowpark and 1 Activity Area called Mirlo Blanco. The ski season lasts from December to April.
Ski resort piste map - Siera Nevada  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Siera


Valdelinares is located in the Sierra de Gudar in the Spanish region of Aragon. Its one of Spains smallest ski resorts. There are just 8 pistes - 2 green, 3 blue and 3 red runs - serviced by five drag lifts and 3 chair lifts.
Ski resort piste map - Valdelinares  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Valdelinares