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2 December 2021
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Ski resorts trail maps: Slovakia

High Tatras

High Tatras are a mountain range on the borders between Slovakia and Poland.In the High Tatras National Park with more than 300 peaks and mountain lakes. 26 peaks rise to a height of 2500 m above sea level. The highest peak is Gerlachovsk? ?t?t at 2,655 m. The area is well known for winter sports. Ski resorts include ?trbsk? pleso, Star? Smokovec and Tatransk? Lomnica in Slovakia. The town of Poprad is the gateway to the Slovak Tatra resorts. Skiing right in the heart of the highest mountains of Slovakia, for the most demanding skier. High Tatras - ?trbsk? Pleso offers tracks for slalom race and down hill run, cross-country skiing and snowboarding, night skiing, paragliding.
Ski resort piste map - High Tatras  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map High


Ski resort of Jasna is situated on the both slopes of Chopok peak in the Low Tatras National Park. Area of Jasna ranks among the most popular and largest winter-sport and tourist resorts in Slovakia. On the northern slopes of Chopok there are located 3 ski areas totalling 21 km of prepared skiing tracks: Zahradky, with capacity of 4900 persons per hour, provided by 2 chair-lifts and 4 ski-lifts; Otupne, with capacity of 4000 per hour, served by a cabin cableway and 3 ski lifts; Chopok-North, with capacity of 2025 persons with 2 chair-lits and 2 ski-lifts. The southern side of Chopok features an overal capacity of 3990 per hour, with 2 chair-lifts and 4 ski-lifts is a suitable area for early-spring skiing.
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Ski resort map Jasna

Plejsy (Krompachy)

The tradition of skiing in Plejsy dates back to 1952. The resort stretches along the northern slopes of Krompassky Vrch (1025 m), 2 km from the town of Krompachy and 70 km from the High Tatras. 10 downhill tracks (total length: 8 km), 15 km of cross-country tracks, 8 lifts, 1 two-seat cableway (length: 1863 m).
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Ski resort map Plejsy


Podbanske is one of the smallest of the Tatras ski resorts and is located on the western boundary of the High Tatra town area, 32 km from Stary Smokowiec and 13 km from Strbske Pleso. You can find 3 ski lifts and a mild terrain for beginners and small children.
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Ski resort map Podbanske

Skipark Ruzomberok

The ski resort SKIPARK Ruzomberok stretches along the slopes of Larger Fatra next to the town of Ruzomberok at the elevation of 545–1209 meters over the sea level. It is situated approximately two kilometers off the city center. The area near the Skipark Ruzomberok has different perfect skiing facilities for different categories of skiers, from nervous beginners and experienced skiers up to adrenaline slopes adherence. There is a vast choice of the slalomtrack length, starting at 130 and 300 metres up to 1000/2000 metres ones. In Malino Brdo and even up to 3900 meter long from Malino Brdo to Hrabovo, to lowest station of the cable railway.
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Ski resort map Skipark


An attractive village which acts as the administrative centre of the High Tatras. Top: 1400 m. Bottom: 80 m. Longest Run: 1.2 miles. There are three small ski areas - Stary, Novy, and Dolny. Total Number Of Lifts: 10.
Ski resort piste map - Smokovec  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Smokovec

Strbske Pleso

Strbske Pleso is the most important tourist settlement in the High Tatras. It is situated at 1355 meter above sea level. Every year they organize a competition in the FIS World Cup Nordic combined. Skiing. Two chair-lifts and two button-lifts, total downhill tracks length: 4.5 km. Ski-jumping. Two hills, 70 and 90 meters. Cross-country skiing. There are several tracks from a couple of kilometers to 10 kilometer.
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Ski resort map Strbske

Tatranska Lomnica

Tatranska Lomnica is the best and the most known ski resort in Slovakia. The ski resort of Tatranska Lomnica is located half an hour drive from Poprad with regular ski shuttles. It was founded in 1892 - 850 meters above sea level. Number of ski slopes: 6, length of ski slopes: 6 km. Cross-country trails: 5 km.
Ski resort piste map - Tatranska Lomnica  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Tatranska