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2 December 2021
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Ski resorts trail maps: Slovenia


Highest lift: 646m, lowest lift: 475m, vertical drop: 171m, number of lifts: 1, number of slopes: 2, total piste length: 2km, сross country: 50km. Winter season: December to March. Closest town: Ljubljana.
Ski resort piste map - Bled  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Bled


Bohinj ski resort has a total of 58kms of pistes; 23kms at Kobla, where the longest run is six kilometres; and 35kms at Vogel, where you can really get the wind behind your skis on an eight-kilometre run. At Kobla, 20 per cent of slopes are allocated to beginners, 50 per cent of slopes go to intermediate and advanced skiers, and 30 per cent of slopes are for expert skiers. Likewise, at Vogel, 50 per cent of pistes are geared for intermediate and advanced skiers; however, the beginner to expert ratios are reversed, with 30 per cent of slopes dedicated to beginners, and 20 per cent to experts. There are six lifts at Kobla and nine lifts at Vogel.
Ski resort piste map - Bohinj  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Bohinj


Bovec is a ski resort in the far northwest of Slovenia and I was quite surprised to hear that Chris Franklin had invested in a hotel and chalet there as I had never heard of it before. Chriss previous ventures had always been to resorts attached to extensive skis areas such as Vallandry (Les Arcs), Les Brevieres (Tignes), and La Tania (3 Valleys), so I was intrigued to find out why he had chosen one that appeared to be much smaller than his others. Height of top lift - 2300m, number of lifts - 4 + cable car. Pistes - 5 red, 3 blue. There is also the 7km Black run called the Krnica which is really an off piste tour best done with a guide.
Ski resort piste map - Bovec  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Bovec


Cerkno is a modern equipped ski resort situated on hills of Black Summit, 50 km far from Ljubljana. The ski resort extends on a surface of 70 hectares and covers a range grom 900-1300 m of highness and has a total of 18 km of ski paths. Ski season last from December till April.
Ski resort piste map - Cerkno  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Cerkno

Kranjska Gora

The Zgornjesavska Valley is one of the most breathtaking alpine valleys whose center of activity is the resort town of Kranjska Gora. The valley has developed into a major tourist and sports region, famed primarily for its World Cup competitions in alpine skiing and ski flights on the giant ski-jump in Planica. Highest lift: 1215m, lowest lift: 810m, vertical drop: 405m, number of lifts: 18, uplift capacity: 13560 p/hr, number of slopes: 20, total piste length: 30km, cross country: 40km. Winter season: December to March. Closest town: Klagenfurt.
Ski resort piste map - Kranjska Gora  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Kranjska

Mariborsko Pohorje

The ski resort of Mariborsko Pohorje is located in Slovenias largest ski area, the Pohorje mountain range, in the northeastern part of the country. It is known for its sparkling white ski slopes, numerous cross-country trails and scenic trekking routes, permeated by endless forests and picturesque streams. At Mariborsko Pohorje, you will find 60kms of downhill trails and slopes, including the longest night-skiing trail in Europe, stretching for over seven kilometres. A total of 21 lifts – one gondola, three chairlifts and 17 surface lifts – afford access to the various pistes.
Ski resort piste map - Mariborsko Pohorje  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Mariborsko