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2 December 2021
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Ski resorts trail maps: Italy


Cervinia is situatedon the Italian side of the Matterhorn, and is lift-linked to Zermatt in Switzerland, which has 200km of its own runs. It"s a place where long runs right down to village level are virtually guaranteed from the beginning of December until early May. Summer skiing continues on the glacier throughout the year. Total slope length: 100 km, number of Lifts: 27, highest hift (metres): 3489m, lowest Lift (metres): 1439m.
Ski resort piste map - Cervinia  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Cervinia


Total slope length: 100 km. Highest lift: 2750m.
Ski resort piste map - Courmayeur  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Courmayeur