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2 December 2021
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Ski resorts trail maps: Czechia


One of the Czech Republic"s best known ski areas and a world centre for ski jumping and ski flying. Lower slopes are illuminated and visitors can try hang-gliding from the main Certova hora peak (Devil"s Mountain). Highest Lift - 1020 m, Resort Altitude - 650 m, Number of Ski Lifts - 15, the Czech ski resort of Harrachov has direct access to 8 individual pistes.
Ski resort piste map - Harrachov  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Harrachov

Czechia - maps of cities:

Liberec Jested

Ski Resort Je?t?d is a four-star resort in the region of District Capital of Liberec. The resort is located at the ASL elevation of 540 to 1,000 meters, and it offers a seated cable railway and 7 ski lifts.
Ski resort piste map - Liberec Jested  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Liberec

Pec Pod Snezkou (Ski Pec)

Pec pod Sn??kou is one of the most well-known and most frequented mountain resorts in the Czech Republic, with yearround use. It lies in the valley of the river ?pa and the brooks Zelen? and Lu?n?, set in resplendent natural surroundings amid the peaks ?ern? hora (Black Mountain - 1 299m), Jelen? vrch (Stag Peak - 1 024 m), Li??? hora (Fox Mountain - 1 363 m), Studni?n? hora (1 553 m), and Sn??ka. Sn??ka (Snow Mountain), on the border with Poland, is at 1 602 m the highest peak in the Czech Republic. The all area of the town Pec pod Sn??kou is situated in the Krkono?e (The Giant Mountains) National Park. The Czech ski resort of Pec pod Snezkou has direct access to 11 individual pistes, served by 10 ski lifts.Max Vertical - 897m, Highest Lift - 1602m.
Ski resort piste map - Pec Pod Snezkou (Ski Pec)  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Pec

Spindleruv Mlyn

The Czech Republic"s largest and best known resort, Spindleruv is a scattered community centred around the old village of St. Peters, which has a beautiful Baroque church (1807). There are two local ski areas and snow cover is usually good to late April with recent investment in snowmaking making up for any natural deficiencies if they ever occur. From 740 - 1310 m above sea level, skiers, snow-boarders and telemark adepts will find top prepared 21 ski down-hill runs with all levels of ability with together 25 km and 5 chair lifts and 11 T-bars lifts.
Ski resort piste map - Spindleruv Mlyn  >>>>>>>

Ski resort map Spindleruv