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2 December 2021
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Ski resorts trail maps: Armenia

Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort

The Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort is located just above the Armenian town of Tsakhkadzor approximately 60 km from Armenias capital Yerevan. If you love the mountains, whether skiing, boarding, enjoying majestic scenery, or exploring rugged backcountry, then Tsakhkadzor ski resort with its charming local flavors is the place to visit. On the slopes of Teghenis Mountain, 1900-2940m above sea level, the ski tracks stretch out in 3-level chair lifts. 1st level - 1400m, 2nd level - 1600m, 3rd level - 2500m-2700m, 4th level - 2200m-2400m. The total track length - 7200m. Ski season from December to end of March.
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Ski resort map Tsakhkadzor