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26 January 2022
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Ski resorts trail maps: Poland


The biggest spa town in Poland, Krynica, is located in the southern part of Poland. Krynica used to be just a simple spa town but now it is also a bustling winter resort . It is located in the Beskid Mountains (on the approach to the larger Tatras). The snow cover remains at Krynica for at least 5 months a year. Advantage of the ski resort is a modern gondola, which is able to take a one-time up to 6 skiers. Moreover in the ski resort is more 8 lifts. Destination has 7 pistes with a total length of more than 8 km, which are permanently snow groomed. Trails of varying difficulty and snow for 150 days a year, make Jaworzyna Krynicka one of the most attractive ski resorts in Poland. In Krynica is a lot of opportunities to find suitable accommodation.
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Ski resort map Krynica

Szczyrk , Czyrna-Solisko

"The skiing area of Szczyrk welcomes you and your family warmly to spend your winterholiday on and around its slopes. Being one of the larger ski areas of Poland the skiing resorts offer you numerous well groomed and prepared slopes. The overall skiing area may be divided into four parts. Put into descending order in terms of the total length of the slopes they are Skrzycyne, Bila, Czyrna-Solisko and Ski Salmopol. Szczyrk will be of special interest to all snowboarders, as it is provides great, curvy descents as well as a number of different jumps. For those who are determined to improve their skiing skills or who are only beginning to explore the wintersports there is at least one ski- and snowboard school in each area."
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Ski resort map Szczyrk

Szcazwnica Palenice

At the family-friendly and quiet resort of Szcazwnica Palenice you may enjoy a beautiful winterholiday with your family and friends. Over all there are four different descents available, a difficult slope of 1 km length, 2 descents of intermediate difficulty level and one shorter slope of low difficulty level. For any fan of snowboarding the resort includes a halfpipe especially designed for snowboarders. With a width of 15m and a height of 3,5m the halfpipe will challenge any snowboarder. The mountain railways include 2 skilifts that bring you quickly and safely to your trail of choice. A newly constructed children`s lift complements the technical equipment at the resort. Professionals are more than welcome to try out the artificially snowed over slopes at the steeps of Palencia which are also used for official competitions. The city of Szcawnica offers anything a skiers heart may desire. Whether it is ski- or snowboardequipment or a professional skischool - it provides everything to make your skiing adventure a perfect one.
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Ski resort map Szcazwnica

Bialka Tatrzanska

Ski resort Bialka Tatranska located in Poland, in the mountains of the High Tatras in the river Bialka. Located 10 km from Nowy Targ and 20 km from Zakopany. The resort Bialka Tatranska equipped with three separate ski areas: Kotelnica - the most well-equipped and modern; Bath - ideal for beginners and families with children and Kanyuvka with a good, a very popular route. The highest point where you can move out, lies at an altitude of 1372 meters. The maximum elevation is 213 meters. In the resort is available to skiers 17 trails.
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Ski resort map Bialka

Ski resorts trail maps: Russia


"Sheregesh - one of the most famous ski resorts in Russia. Located in Mountain Shoria, Kemerovo region. Main place of skiing - Green Mountain. About twenty years ago the ski resort was built at the nearby Zelenaya mountain. With the growing popularity of ski and snowboard in Russia the town itself has been transforming gradually. It is expanding with new cafes and hotels, catering for more and more tourists each year. The resort itself is developing repidly with new lifts being built every season. Sheregesh is the only place in Russia where one can find a lot of snow as early as November, which is why it attracts many snowboarders from all over the country. "
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Ski resort map Sheregesh

Ski resorts trail maps: Slovakia

High Tatras

High Tatras are a mountain range on the borders between Slovakia and Poland.In the High Tatras National Park with more than 300 peaks and mountain lakes. 26 peaks rise to a height of 2500 m above sea level. The highest peak is Gerlachovsk? ?t?t at 2,655 m. The area is well known for winter sports. Ski resorts include ?trbsk? pleso, Star? Smokovec and Tatransk? Lomnica in Slovakia. The town of Poprad is the gateway to the Slovak Tatra resorts. Skiing right in the heart of the highest mountains of Slovakia, for the most demanding skier. High Tatras - ?trbsk? Pleso offers tracks for slalom race and down hill run, cross-country skiing and snowboarding, night skiing, paragliding.
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Ski resort map High

Ski resorts trail maps: United States


Aspen is located in the western Colorado Rocky Mountains in the USA. Aspen is one of the world's best known resorts, boasting four ski areas, three separate resort developments and opulent properties. Ski holidays in Aspen are ideal for all levels of skier. Buttermilk and Aspen Highlands are probably the best places to learn due to the number of greens and blues, but any part of the resort will yield something for beginners on ski holidays in Aspen. Resort Altitude 2385 m, Highest Lift 3790m, Total number of runs: 200, Total number of lifts: 46 (Chairs: 44, Gondolas and Cable Cars: 2), Longest Run Lift 7km, Snow parks: 2, pipes: 4, Snowboarders will find excellent facilities in Snowmass, Highlands and Buttermilk on their ski holidays in Aspen, with a special riders guide provided to help boarders find the best runs and parks. Aspen has a world class super pipe.
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Ski resort map Aspen